Jonathan Hughes on Energy, Intensity, Passion

by Jan 11, 2021Infinite Pie Podcast

Jonathan Hughes on infinite pie thinking with Al Fawcett


If you have listened to previous episodes then you will what these conversations are about. They are about exploring and understanding performance improvement and development, and maybe even change some perceptions. I get the chance to speak with remarkable people who share their stories. We discuss their challenges, their experiences, their lessons, their mindset and their perspectives. We talk through what they do to consistently focus on getting better.  This is not really a ‘how to’ guide, but it is a look inside someone’s else’s world, and taking time to see things from their side.  I don’t think there is a one size fits all approach to things, however you can certainly learn from others and their successes, and how it may apply in your life – both personally and professionally. It might be that you hear something new or something that you have heard before, something that you do now, or something you want to learn more about, and along the way maybe you will think about these things a little differently or maybe in a completely new way, and of course then it is about the action you take as a result.
Today I am talking with Jonathan Hughes on energy, intensity, passion. Jonathan is an Entrepreneur, investor, advisor and strategist, as well as Co-Founder and CEO at Pollinate, a FinTech and payments company.
In this conversation you will hear what Jonathan thinks about leadership, about teams, about culture. He shares his views on the need for energy in meetings and the value of a good argument, with emphasis on the word good. Jonathan describes himself as a hill taker when it comes to goal setting. He shares the 3 to 4 core things that are instrumental in him having a great days, about respecting others enough to disagree, and about having the energy, intensity and passion to fight for what you believe in. I am sure that you will pick up on that energy and passion throughout this conversation.
 I often talk about the core principles of infinite pie  as ‘do stuff that matters, with people who count, in places that inspire’ and I think that we covered all of them in this conversation. Defining what matters at the moment, what to focus on, what to prioritise, what hill to take. Surrounding yourself with great people, from your direct team, to their teams and  people within the business as a whole, to your clients, and your suppliers – know who counts and why. Think about how they help you to get better and of course how you help them to improve too. And the talk of the energy, intensity and passion to fight for what you believe in is certainly about creating an environment, a culture, a this is the way we do things around here, and if you are in the right place, then you will be inspired by it. So, once again a big thank you to Jonathan for sharing his perspective on this.


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