Dan Abrahams on Thinking About Your Thinking

by Dec 11, 2020Infinite Pie Podcast

Dan Abrahams on infinite pie thinking with Al Fawcett


Dan Abrahams is a sports psychologist who works with individuals, teams, coaches and organisations globally. Working from grass roots levels to elite athletes and teams, Dan is known for his passion to break down complex theories and create simple to use performance techniques, helping people to easily implement them. Something that you will hear throughout this conversation, as we talk about leadership, coaching, managing and performing.

Dan has written four  best selling books on the subject and is the host of The Sports Psych Podcast, sharing his knowledge and experience as a former professional golfer, having worked with premier league football teams, and as the lead psychologist for the England Rugby team.

Get yourself ready as I talk with Dan Abrahams on thinking about your thinking, and –

  • executing with intention
  • the focus on trying to help, rather than insisting
  • the difference between authoritative and authoritarian approaches,

To check out more about Dan Abrahams you can find him –

website – DanAbrahams.com
Twitter – @DanAbrahams77
Instagram – @DanAbrahamsSport
LinkedIn – Dan Abrahams



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