Do stuff that matters

With people who count

In places that inspire

Performance Improvement Through People and Processes

Our experience shows that people want to do meaningful work, continue to make progress and to get better. People want to pursue their full potential.

Goal setting and strategic planning

Helping you to set clearly defined, measurable, focussed targets and the style and approach you will need to achieve them.

Team building

Break silos, create alignment and develop high performing teams that communicate and collaborate to achieve sustainable success.

Effective decision making

Coaching to improve thinking, information gathering and analysis, make definitive decisions and take the action to implement them.


Clarity, certainty, consistency and connection are some of the fundamentals to good communications. We can help you achieve this.

Leadership and Management development

Leaders are there for their team, not vice-versa. We will coach your managers to be the ultimate team player, helping them to get the best from those around them.

Operational excellence and blueprints for success

Processes and workflows can often become tick box exercises. We help you with an approach that ensures everyone buys in to the organisational culture.

Infinite Pie Thinking

Do stuff that matters

People want to do meaningful work. Work with purpose. We help you gain clarity around what to focus on and why. We work with you to develop the  processes, systems and workflows that help you and your people to make effective decisions, cut out the noise and distractions and take action that makes a difference and gets results you are looking for. We work with remarkable people and businesses to help define and develop their leadership and management principles and processes, sales processes and customer journeys, customer experience and service, operational processes and workflows. Whether you are starting your journey or looking to take things to the next level, we can help.

With people who count

Success comes from creating connections that count. We help to establish the people that will become the key to that success, support and performance. We help to build and develop teams, create effective communication, break down silos and build collaboration. This is about finding the right people, for the right roles. People who bring the right knowledge, skills and attitude to be the right fit. People who add value and make things better. We will help you define, identify, develop, and retain these people and of  course be ready and  prepared to transition  to the next level, or new direction when the time is right or necessary. If you are looking to build High Performing Teams, develop talent (both future stars and existing colleagues), improve stakeholder management and relationships, and establish effective communications, let’s discuss how we can help.

Places that inspire

We help you to develop the right environment, the right culture and the right mindset required to lift people to achieve remarkable things. Establishing the outline and approach to “how we do things around here” and to create alignment and desire to be part of it. It is about building a community and a space that you are proud to be involved with. Developing an environment with a sense of “one unit” with everyone contributing to the overall performance and success. We have helped others to define their Culture, build their “ways of working blueprint”, create the right environment, principles and mindset to develop partners, advocates and champions. We can help you to do the same.

Are you an infinite pie thinker?

Testimonials & Featured Clients

“Connections that count” that is the message. Listen to the podcast. Listen to Alan. Listen to what resonates within you. Then take action and make it count"

Nigel H – Director of Bid Programs

“Alan worked with me to develop the supervisory skills and engagement of the sales management team for our sale force; he worked closely with a number of the guys, some of whom would happily cite him as one of the key influences in their in their development as managers. Alan is an inspirational presenter and a challenging, perceptive coach. He is also a joy to work with and I would recommend him to anybody who wants to go beyond ‘management training’ and get their managers genuinely engaged."

Michael F – Head of management development

“Alan has fulfilled the role of project manager on a number of contracts. He is both pragmatic and logical in leading a project and provides a clear structured way forward irrespective of the complexity of the situation. Alan has a way to see the bigger picture, knows instinctively what is required to provide the client with an added value solution and ensures that what is promised is delivered on time and within budget.”

Mark B – Business Owner.

“Alan accepted an invitation to participate as an expert in the Business Networking Online Summit, where I interviewed 42 of the worlds leading authors, practitioners, thought leaders and experts in all topics related to business networking. Alan was gracious and enthusiastic interviewee, teaching the importance of creating connections that count. Alan was a real pleasure to interview and a true expert in his field. I highly recommend Alan Fawcett"

Adele M – Entrepreneur


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